Moved here from Alaska - Need to find Rental Home PLEASE

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Moved here from Alaska - Need to find Rental Home PLEASE

Post by GypsyMama » 06 Nov 2011 07:57

I am relocating and need to find a 2-3 bedroom house for my family. In mid November I return to Alaska to bring my kids back, and I would like to have established a home for them prior. I am in need of a 3 bedroom house, with cooking facilities, hopefully by the beach and/or pool… at least partly furniture as I don't have time right now to furnish it.

I have been all over the the coasts of Thailand trying to find the right place and the right price. My eyes keep coming back to Bangsaphan… and it's my last ditch effort before I succumb to the craziness of Phuket. I am really looking for a more laid back, easy going, quiet, neighborly place that's connected to nature and doesn't cater to all the tourists.

PLEASE let me know if you have any leads on any type of property that would available to rent. I would like a one-year contract, but at this point I guess I could go month to month if I must.
PLEASE email me ~ I am here now so can meet to view properties and pay deposit/rents.
Great appreciated ~ heartfelt.

Cheers ~
Sheila Walch

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