Troubles with booked accommodation in Bangsaphan

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Troubles with booked accommodation in Bangsaphan

Post by AJS » 02 Jan 2013 10:45

To say the least!

No need for naming and shaming, but thought I'd share this as it did annoy the hell out of me at the time, and might help someone else avoid the same mistake.

Around late October I came down from Bangkok for a long weekend, had a great time and booked a nice little house not far from the beach for my wife, 7 month old baby and my parents, visiting from the UK, to spend a week over New Years there.

Boxing day we were just packing the car for an early morning escape from Bangkok on the 27th when I asked my wife to phone back and confirm that all was good. Only to find it wasn't. Apparently the house had a leaking roof and wouldn't be available. But no problem, they'd found us an alternative. Would have been good if they'd told us earlier, but never mind.

So we set off as planned, a bit earlier as I'm now expecting a cock up, and sure enough when we get there, the alternative they have found us (a dilapidated house miles down the beach) is booked, and the next alternative to that is some grotty bungalows even further away. Ok if I was on my own but a real pain with baby and aging parents.

So how bad can this leaking roof be? It's dry season, my skin is water proof.

As luck would have it I know the couple who live nearby the house we planned to rent and who had been staying in the house until recently, when it was fine. When I spoke to the person who I'd arranged the booking through though, suddenly the house had become a disaster zone. Both toilets had fallen to bits, the roof would need to come off. I would be surprised to see the house there next time.

Then to my immense surprise we drove past the following evening only to see the lights on, the owners car parked outside.

Basically they lied through their teeth, and made the first couple of days very stressful as we had to hunt around for accommodation.

Fortunately the excellent Bang Saphan Beach resort and then Apple Bungalows had vacancies to cover the time we were there, so it ended up still being a great trip, even though it got off to an awful start.

If they'd phoned a week before to say they'd decided against renting it out then it would have been something. Instead they just trotted out a load of bullshit which is frankly insulting.

So if you are booking anything through a certain place along the beach, make sure you have some sort of alternative in case they do the same to you, and don't be too surprised if it burns down, falls apart or gets washed away by a tidal wave, while still looking fine from the outside, the day before you arrive.

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Re: Troubles with booked accommodation in Bamgsaphan

Post by buksida » 02 Jan 2013 13:31

Sorry to hear your story, not sure which "certain place on the beach" you booked through but if you'd have used this site and one of its sponsors (listed on the right) you'd have had no worries! :D

Glad it worked out in the end!

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