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My first visit this morning

Posted: 23 Jan 2019 14:36
by Johanna
Came on a bike this morning and I did like the place a lot., met helpfull people and really think serieus to give it a try next year.
At this moment I am based in Cha am, for My 4th year, staying 5 months,might change that in 3 and 2 in Bang Saphan,

I had to go to Myanmar for a 30 days visa exemption, which I can extend for an other 30 days at imigration office in the next village by Cha am..As the ordinaire train was passing BS I thought to book a hotel for 3 nights to have a look around....I like it a lot, also because of having markets around., relaxed atmosphere and the helpfull farang around, felt good! ,

I like to know were is the nearest imigration around Bang Saphan....

Johanna from the Netherlands

Re: My first visit this morning

Posted: 24 Jan 2019 07:32
by buksida
Welcome to the forum and bangsaphan.

The nearest immigration is Dansingkon (1 hour) just before Prachuap if you need to do 90 day reports or tourist visa extensions. If you need to cross a border the nearest is Ranong (3 hours).

Re: My first visit this morning

Posted: 10 Feb 2019 11:48
by Johanna
Thank you very looks all easy to do., it is like Cha am in that way, ..... I will check out Bankrut also tomorrow and keep the use full info witten above. ...also got the info about the budget bungalows on that beatiful beach, felt good straight away...Think Bang Saphan has a little bit more 'life' for a single person....but still will check out my options.
Thank you again and have a nice day.