Bus Ban Krut-Bang Saphan?

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Bus Ban Krut-Bang Saphan?

Post by mahell » 22 Mar 2016 19:49

Dear all Ban Krut-lovers,
Does anybody have an idea of the daily bus connections between BK and Bang Saphan? I have been to BK several times but never bothered (kind of "sank into the sand" I guess:-. But now I have to go to BS. The Bankrut Tour Travel Agency were not overly interested in local buses (big surprisde...).

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Re: Bus BK-Bang Saphan?

Post by buksida » 22 Mar 2016 21:20

There isnt one as far as I know, most people rent motorbikes, it is only about 25km between the two towns.

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Re: Bus Ban Krut-Bang Saphan?

Post by bsb » 23 Mar 2016 07:53

buksida ,stay on the subject!

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