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Caves at Wat Tum Marong

Posted: 12 Apr 2010 15:41
by buksida
Not sure if I've spelt that right, you can find the temple by taking the road out of town, past the Guesthouse, and towards the Suan Luang beach area. The turning is around 800m from the town on the right, it is signposted.

The cave system is quite spectacular and contains hundreds of Buddha images as well as a colony of bats - it is definitely worth a visit.

Re: Caves at Wat Tum Marong

Posted: 13 Apr 2010 00:08
by Big Boy
Nice. How accessible are the caves? Mrs BB feigns away from steep climbs (hills or steps). I struggle in the heat, but have never declined a challenge - just take plenty of breaks, and make sure I'm carrying a bottle of water. However, it makes me feel bad when I leave Mrs BB outside.

Re: Caves at Wat Tum Marong

Posted: 13 Apr 2010 00:53
by Caller
Very accessible BB. You stop at the entrance to the Wat and make a donation and they switch the lights on in the cave. You then drive up a shortish but fairly steep hill and eventually come to a large statue of Buddha:
The caves are immediately behind the Buddha and the perhaps 20 or so steps leading down to them - there are many chambers to explore. But on the whole the flooring is good and level. I thought it spectacular.

Just ensure you ignore this sign on the way to the Buddha:
We didn't and thought it was where we would find the cave as shown by Buksi's brilliant photo's - and it did involve a steep, sweaty, uneven climb getting there:
And when you finally reach the cave, there's just a solitary Buddha and apparantly its the place that Buddhists (or anyone) go to stay for a night or so to make penance, or whatever - rather them than me:

Re: Caves at Wat Tum Marong

Posted: 14 Apr 2010 02:14
by Big Boy
Thank you - I think that Plurn-Jit Cave is where we went wrong last time.