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Bangsaphan Beach Resort

Posted: 19 Oct 2011 14:07
by BSGadmin
You can now book BS Beach Resort online via BS Guide:

Re: Bangsaphan Beach Resort

Posted: 17 Nov 2011 16:37
by cyerjonn
as we are discussing about Bangsaphan, Bangsaphan is slowly developing into a tourist destination for both locals and foreigners. There is accommodation of all kinds and to suit all budgets in Bangsaphan. This guide focuses on the places to stay that are near to beach and convenient for restaurants and other facilities. For longer stays apartments and bungalows are available to rent from periods of one month upwards. Most of the short stay residences offer discount for extended stays. For longterm rentals please see the Bangsaphan Property website.
And i don't know whether you all are aware or not but it's a fact Ban Krut is a small beach town that is situated around 20km north of Bangsaphan Yai. It has a beautiful long golden beach and a beach road lined with restaurants and resorts.

The main difference to Bangsaphan is this road, it gives the beach a "busier" feel as opposed to the quiet settings and limited road access further south. The beach road has also undergone massive development with new resorts, condos and shopfronts all appearing in the last year or two.

The town at Ban Krut is nothing more than a cluster of small local shops and houses. Larger shopping areas can found in Prachuap Khiri Khan which is about 65 km to the north or further south in Bangsaphan (15 km) or Chumphon.

Re: Bangsaphan Beach Resort

Posted: 17 Nov 2011 22:26
by buksida
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Re: Bangsaphan Beach Resort

Posted: 19 Nov 2011 19:50
by bsb
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