New Bangsaphan beach resort

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New Bangsaphan beach resort

Post by heikevie » 16 Apr 2007 18:54

can somebody give me the booking-homepage or a phone number of Bangsaphan beach
resort please? Like to come at 29.04.07 evening and need a bungalow for 2or 3 Day (may be longer) with AC for 2 person.

Many thanks


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Post by santabanjo » 21 Apr 2007 11:57

See Coral Resort listing and web link in the accomodation section. Nowhere else has ac on the best beach, south of town. I don't stay there myself, as I don't need ac.

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Post by texasbob » 24 Apr 2007 07:21

Patty hut bungalo behind coral has 1 or 2 rooms with A/c

jim gilfillan
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beach resort

Post by jim gilfillan » 08 Nov 2009 22:51

The suanluan beach resort has 3 standards accommodation all with a/c ,I stayed in a 1 bed then changed into the 2 bed against the beach and only a few min walk to the I-Talay restuarant We had a great 2 weeks

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