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Whats best?

Posted: 22 Aug 2009 21:40
by Caller
Hi all,

I'm a regular on HHAD and living in England.

I'm looking to visit BS for the first time in either December or January with my wife (Thai) and step-son, simply to relax and unwind and in my case, to start doing some exercise - plenty of swimming and walking. Looking to stay for about 4 weeks and would prefer somewhere that gives us the option of self-catering with 2/3 bedrooms and with a pool available. From looking at the site it doesn't appear there will be much in the way of houses available for rent, but wondered if you knew otherwise?

If not, any personal recommendations on an appropriate resort? Doesn't have to be luxurious - got to think of the budget - but comfortable with the option of aircon. Any facilities on site other than a pool would be a bonus.

Many thanks for your help.


Posted: 24 Aug 2009 11:10
by The Family
Are far as we are aware there is not house for rent especially at the time you will be visiting. The only pool in the area is at the Coral resort and I do not think they will allow day guests in the high season. :roll:

We do know of a small resort that is being built at the moment and will have a pool. We will find out for you if it will be ready for your arrival. If not, well!!!!

There are a few bungalows on the beach with A/C but no exercise facilities.

In town, opposite the Bangsaphan Guest House is a Gym, which you can join on a daily basis @20bht per session.

If we can help with any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. :wink:

Posted: 25 Aug 2009 04:47
by Caller
Many thanks for the feedback.

I guess an alternative to self-catering would be getting a Thai 'take-away' - is there a regular market or stall anywhere that has this available? You know the sort of thing - soups in plastic bags and the like? Probably be just as cheap as buying our own stuff in any case and we'd still want to eat out when we fancy it as well.

Are the resorts far from the town? The Coral looks very good, but I haven't checked out their prices yet. The Sunrise looks okay as well and prices seem okay. Not sure about the size of their pool though - looks small from the photos?

I can't book anything for a couple of weeks until I finalise the dates I can take off work, I hope its not leaving too late to book anywhere?

Posted: 25 Aug 2009 09:28
by The Family
Hi Caller

There are plenty of places in town to buy your 'Thai food in plastic bags' as you put it!! There is also a day market that sells Thai food which is open 7 days a week. Yes! It will probably be just as cheap to eat out. The local Thai Restaurants are very cheap, one of the better ones being Tae's Restaurant close to the railway station in town, who speaks English.

You will need a vehicle to get into town. If you would like to hire a car/truck or bike, the Bangsaphan Guest House offer these services, you can also pick up a bike from the beach. Taxi bikes into town are about 40bht e/w.

The resorts are between 6 & 8Km from town. The Coral Resort is French, this resort is busy in the high season, you will need to book. The Sunrise is Italian and yes, the pool is small. The Coral resort is within walking distance of I-Talay -Thai Restaurant, Why Not - Thai restaurant & Bar, Montri's - Bar, GK's (a little further) - Thai/European Restaurant. You will need a vehicle to get into town.

The Bangsahpahn Guest House (run by a friendly English couple) is in town. If you would like to visit their restaurant/bar, they offer a shuttle service to and from the beach. They make some brilliant freshly made Pizza's (apart from their European menu and the best breakfast in town) and will also make up packed lunches for you and have a takeaway service. Their rooms are very reasonably priced offering a large, clean en-suite room with UBC, free WiFi, Hot water, etc @700bht per night.

We hope we have made things a little clearer for you. :)

Posted: 25 Aug 2009 09:28
by buksida
Welcome to the BS Board Caller. :D

I presume you've seen this page which summarises most of the accommodation options: ... dation.htm

There are markets and noodle stalls in town along with a few restaurants that offer good food at good prices, many close up early though around 9pm. We have our own place in BS and usually eat out as the costs are similar when compared to self catering if you stick to Thai food.

For swimming you can go to Bo Tong Lang, which is a small bay where the water is deep. As said the Coral is the only place with a decent pool and they get cranky about non-guests using it if they're busy.

The resort area is about 4-5km from the town center and again closes up early (apart from Montri's which often rocks into the night!).

No problem with booking, even in the high season it is easy to find somewhere to stay in BS - just avoid those Thai long weekends!

Posted: 26 Aug 2009 02:03
by Caller
Thanks Family-man and Buksi!

I've been looking at the site for quite a while and I'm sure I'll be popping into the guest-house for a bevvy or two. I am rather partial to pizza as well! Some more info on your vehicle hire would be helpful, although I'm sure we'll be travelling from Korat initially, so still some planning to do.

One more question - sorry. Is there any merit in booking somewhere for say, one/two nights and then checking out what else is on offer and hopefully getting a good deal, for example at rhe Coral?

Posted: 27 Aug 2009 11:42
by buksida
Yes, booking somewhere for a couple of days first is a good idea, the area is pretty spread out so it'll give you time to explore and find your base.

You only really need to book in advance during peak season (Xmas/New Year) and on Thai long weekends, any other time you can just rock up and find accommodation pretty easily.

Posted: 28 Aug 2009 02:44
by Caller
Okay, thanks for that, I'll come back here when I know the dates I'm going to be away which should be in the next week or so.

In B.S. there is what you are looking for

Posted: 01 Sep 2009 10:42
by sunrise
:wink: :lol: :lol: Why not :?: As everybody in B.S. know :oops: , in Sunrise Resort (Tontonglang beach) have small nice apartments for rent, full and elegantly furnished .... with self-catering option too

• Bedroom
• living room (with kitcken corner and refrigerator)
• batroom (warm/cold water)
• terrace (sea/garden view)
• Aircon+fan
• Sat TV (UBC)
• WI-FI internet
• swimming pool

Hotel service are available too (laundry, home cleaning, change sheet and towels, beach facilities, thai-italian restaurant/ pizzeria/ steack house, cocktail bar, thai massage) :o

Big pool or small Pool .... This is the dilemma :)

Posted: 01 Sep 2009 11:57
by sunrise
Yes, our pool is not big (only 10 mt x 4 mt) and not deep too :oops: .
... but this size was a conscious decision, we want the children playing safely without to have a staff as rescue.
Every choice has its limitations and its advantages :lol:
Many families bring their children here, we are pleased to offer them this opportunity .... free :!:

Posted: 26 Sep 2009 02:26
by Caller
Thanks for all the assistance offered here folks - looks like I'm going to be spending some time at Sunrise over the Christmas period from about the 8th December. The missus is sorting it out at her end!

Hope to catch up with some of you guys in due course.