Immigration raids in Bangsahpan

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Mr Wu
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Immigration raids in Bangsahpan

Post by Mr Wu » 28 Apr 2013 11:56

Heard several stories about immigration crackdowns around town. anyone got any more info? is it time to move yet?

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Re: Immigration raids in Bangsahpan

Post by buksida » 29 Apr 2013 08:44

Yes, a large team from immigration did come to Bangsaphan last week but no need to panic, the checkup was on the hotels to make sure they were reporting foreigners that stay there. This has been the law for sometime and is carried out in other tourist destinations.

Slightly concerning though was the fact that they went to a couple of the local bars and started asking questions and taking photos of foreigners, not sure what purpose this served.

Mike Parker
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Re: Immigration raids in Bangsahpan

Post by Mike Parker » 02 May 2013 16:04

Immigration armed with cameras do periodic checks here in Chiang Mai mostly at small live music venues,bars /restaurants.Not sure why those venues are specifically selected and a few guys have been taken to the local stations for questioning.Of course if you don't have the correct or have over stayed your visa little sympathy is forthcoming. Surprised that they would have the manpower to cover areas like Bangsaphan unless they had a tip off. Maybe a nice place to spend a day or 3 :D

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Re: Immigration raids in Bangsahpan

Post by yoursTruly » 22 May 2013 22:04

There's a guesthouse right around the corner from where I stay in Bangkok, that gets raided all the time. The guesthouse doesn't check passports and various criminals types hang out there. It's cheap, too. Perhaps it's run by the police.
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