Status of various things in Bangsaphan

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Re: Status of various things in Bangsaphan

Post by buksida » 26 Sep 2020 11:58

Have we lost people (due to immigration I suspect more then virus)?

No more than usual for this time of year when there are no tourists here anyway.

Are hotels, restaurants, entertainment beginning to open?

No, there are more closures due to the lack of business.

Have land prices reduced? (man's got to dream....)

No, people are still asking silly money despite the above, the only land shifting now is between wealthy Thais.

Market in BS Yai is open?
Liquor stores are stocked?

Yes, and yes.

BS has been spared pretty much everything Covid related - it is life as usual here. Enjoy! :D

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Re: Status of various things in Bangsaphan

Post by cjsiam » 27 Sep 2020 22:43

Glad to know things are still taking a slow pace, but moving...

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