Will Bangsaphan go the same way as Hua Hin?

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Will Bangsaphan go the same way as Hua Hin?

Yes, we're all imminently doomed, they're here already
Eventually but not for quite a while so enjoy it now
No, there isn't enough here to attract the hordes
Maybe, unsure whether it will or not
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Post by dewdrop » 29 Aug 2009 04:15

cliveyten wrote:All undeveloped areas do eventually become popular in time. I have travelled to many idyllic places throughout the world and seen them turn into thriving tourist attractions. My parents had some old pictures of Bournemouth when they went there on honeymoon just after the 1st World War, when it was just a pine forest with a few dirt roads with a few small guest houses. Now look at it! The old saying "Money attracts money" comes to mind. Peoples opinions do change in time.

While Buksida does say noone has yet got deported or shot, there was one farang who really upset some of the local Thai population and decided to leave for his own safety. He basically told porkies in front of the wrong people. He could have been deported for his actions on one particular occasion, but those involved knowing he was a sick man took sympathy on him.

Is the forum getting "bitchy" Everyone has a right to their own opinions. As for dealing in 'smells' that tends to be a bit personal towards certain individuals.

We local farangs are all trying to make Bang Saphan into a nicer place to visit/stay and good luck to those who have enough business acumen to try and make it so. As for fleecing individuals there is another section on the forum dealing with unfair treatment towards farangs and many instances where individuals have been overcharged. Local farangs are not just there trying to make a killing and move on. The rate of return on investment in Thailand overall is very slow and Bang Saphan is probably very,very slow.

Your mention of 'one' farang telling porkies and leaving for his own safety brings back memories of a very small amurikann who's all-encompassing ego led him to affirm to me among many smallities and in between numerous drunken brawls as much with benevolent locals as unknowing foreigners (where were the 'local' falang to bring him back 'in line'), while opening a takeaway box of pizza from Lek's, that not only was pizza invented in New York but that Italians, namely Neapolitans, were dumb f**ks and all locals to Bang Saphan should be shot, no pussy in the area being worth anywhere near the amurikann equivalent. The logical response was to ask what he was doing in TH, but then again, suffering 'the lamest shit' is no doubt better than 130 years in a federal penitentiary...

I figure that more than one falang is bound to arrive in paradise and tell porkies, would-be-long-term-residents included; viz the discussion between those 'ave been there sooo long (as of three weeks) and those who are just trying to make a life spamming this board with biased and/or uneducated 'information' (... "will look into it", or, 'aven't been there yet... but know all about it", even though I don't, as long as I put a word in for my own sunshine and don't give a fart either way about this board or its readers or affording information as to what's happening (obviously nothing - who needs a dynamic community?) in Bang Saphan!

" As for dealing in 'smells", you might start taking an interest in the local association (Thai) that's trying to combat the 'smells' and other 'effluents' (killing you -not so slowly) emanating from the steel works. In their struggle you could find the real reason why 'tourism' (both native and international) doesn't take off. But then again, it comes down to courage in your convictions, adversity to deportation, and/or hot lead in the head. By the way, the founder of the environmental opposition group to the steel works' increased destruction of the environment (a certain part of wot mite bring you dosh, the environment that is), was shot dead, probably not far from YOUR home...

But then again it might take a solid dose of COURAGE AND IMPLICATION IN LOCAL LIFE (the concerns of those who were actually born in the place, don't have pink skin, and don't spend their time boozing and eating food from their own kind - believe it or not they're all around you - you might take them as an infection) to do so (please don't cancel my tourist visa, and no, I don't work, it's my wife's business so the tax man is irrelevant to me (boo-hoo the bitch stitched me up), even if I complain about power cuts, mouldy water, and crappy roads, nooo don't shoot me, let's find an arrangement). And then you would be almost CERTAIN to see some hot lead flying in your direction, which would definitely not be good for your business plan (should you have one)... Just don't stir up the mud, don't even put your toe in it, and you might one day call the place "hell".

"Is the forum getting "bitchy" - I admit to reading this board with enthusiasm and assiduity. However, when some bod comments that it will not comment because the posts are becoming bitchy, and reading the same bod's numerous posts most of which suffer no contradiction, it is in effect opportune to point out that he who criticises is effect criticising him/its self!

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Post by buksida » 02 Sep 2009 08:56

cliveyten wrote:Local farangs are not just there trying to make a killing and move on. The rate of return on investment in Thailand overall is very slow and Bang Saphan is probably very,very slow.
That seems quite accurate, no farang is going to come to BS to open a business and make it big - those that wanted to make a killing started up real estate agencies in Hua Hin by the dozen a year or two ago - they are all now out of business. Doing business in BS is about getting by and having a good life in a beautiful part of Thailand, this generally includes getting on with other businesses and individuals (something that doesn't happen in Hua Hin).

Some pizza obsessed individuals (above) seem to have a few too many issues on their plate at the moment (in addition to a pizza from Lek) - maybe a few chill pills will sort them out or a cold beer and a chat with Montri, our resident psychiatrist. :D

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Re: Will Bangsaphan go the same way as Hua Hin?

Post by DAVIDH » 06 Jun 2010 17:47

does anyone know how many farangs live in B/S

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Re: Will Bangsaphan go the same way as Hua Hin?

Post by Big Boy » 06 Jun 2010 18:18


That's the 3rd time you've asked the same question. Buksida answered your quetion on the other thread that you asked on yesterday!
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Re: Will Bangsaphan go the same way as Hua Hin?

Post by Spitfire » 03 Oct 2010 18:21

Sorry to dig this one up again, some time has past since the last post on this thread but would like to throw in my 2 bahts worth.

I voted for 'eventually' too, but not for a while, so those that mentioned about enjoying it now while it lasts are quite right. However, also agree with the comment that those of you there now that have land and houses will be compensated at least with the rise in value of assets in their possession should it all happen, whether desirable or not.

Would also like to mention that it's not just Hua Hin that has gone like the OP described over the last 10 years or so, it's a lot of places, specifically in the last 5-6 years.

As another example, Korat (Nakon Ratchasima) is the same really as HH, as in it's going the same way, but slightly slower because it's not by the beach. 10 years ago when first I went to stay it was a genuine Thai large city with just a few older teachers and the Vietnam Vets that stayed, nice, pleasant and no problem foreigners, or very few.

Now, it's a complete mess, full of the "wrong" types too, too the point where it's full of all the sort of people you wanted to get away from back west when you left, seems to be a magnet for the garbage now. :shock:

There seems to have been an explosion of the populations of foreigners in many places as there has been an exodus from many of the older traditional beach destinations, like Pattaya/Phuket etc, many can no longer afford it and have come to realise that it's way cheaper to just move closer to where the partner comes from, not to mention that there are malls/Tesco/Makro everywhere now so it's no longer a problem to get what you want.

As mentioned by others, think there is a fair bit of time for places like Bangsaphan, but, as mentioned earlier, when the rich Thais from BBK start buying land someplace then the clock is ticking.


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