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Noisy kite at night!

Posted: 05 Nov 2017 18:54
by NolaK
Hi All,

Several of use are organizing an appointment to visit the government offices on Tuesday to ask for help with the noise making kite that is flying, 24 hours a day, over the hill in Suan Luang. If it disturbs you at all, or if you want to show support for others in the community, please join us.

If you do not wish to attend or can not make it Tuesday, please consider writing a respectful letter to the authorities and leaving it in my mailbox. I will take it to them on your behalf.

Mailbox: 505 Moo 1 - The house with the white wall and blue gates just down from Cuisine Restaurant. My mailbox it to the right of the car gate.

While there is little chance of stopping the repeating hellish sounds in the daytime hours, the man flying the kite has already been told by officials to take the kite down at night. The purpose of this visit is to encourage officials to follow up on their previous action, enforcing the night time "no fly zone".

To be clear, this is not an older person following a deep-seeded cultural ritual or for a holiday. This kite is being flown by a 21 year old man who only seeks to spread misery and generally behave like a ….! He lashes out when asked to think of his neighbor's feeling. Even the father, who's home the flying-menace lives in, is bothered by the noise. However the son has made threats against him when the Dad speaks out, so it is up to others to make the mind-numbing noise stop.

As a reminder, the wind will keep blowing through January. The noise may keep going on as well. This effects rentals, outdoor restaurants and home owners. When we requested he stop last week the man put up a second kit. So yes, this man is a dick.

Perhaps it is my concrete walls or the kites position, but I for one can not focus on work or my studies during the day or work in my yard in peace with the repeating 4 notes drilling nonstop into my brain. The lack of sleep at night is just too much. I love my home in Bang Saphan and put my life savings into it for my retirement, but to live Nov - Jan (3 months) with this noise is to give 25% of the time I have left in this world to being irritated and unfocused. As a result I plan to moving if this can't be resolved. My life set on end all so one man can be a massive dick. Several other say how much they are being bothered by the noise as well. Will you now show up to take a stand and speak out?

Pleas help stop the dick!

Thank you!

I will post here once an appointment time or meeting location is set.

Re: Noisy kite at night!

Posted: 07 Nov 2017 16:42
by buksida
We can hear it but we're about a kilometer away, must be hell having that thing over the top of your house.

You may want to get in touch with the Pu Yai Bahn of that area (we have a different one I think), as these things are better handled by Thais with a bit of authority (they just ignore farangs generally).

Good luck!

Re: Noisy kite at night!

Posted: 08 Nov 2017 05:20
by migrant
Get one of those long coconut saws and..... just saying

Re: Noisy kite at night!

Posted: 08 Nov 2017 10:26
by buksida
So, any joy from the meeting?

I notice the kite is down - but it is raining!

Re: Noisy kite at night!

Posted: 08 Nov 2017 16:32
by Big Boy
What is the noise that it makes? Is it just a kite fluttering in the wind, or is there some other noise?

The phrase, "repeating hellish sounds" sounds awful. Does it have a purpose other than annoying neighbours e,g. scaring birds or animals?

Re: Noisy kite at night!

Posted: 08 Nov 2017 20:37
by buksida
Its a kind of high pitched warbling sound, a novelty at first but would drive a monk insane if you're subjected to it 24/7.

Re: Noisy kite at night!

Posted: 27 Nov 2017 11:15
by NolaK
UPDATE: The kite man has now added as second, possibly 3rd kite on occasion, and is still not taking them down at night, so we now have a petition asking that officials to enforce the night time noise regulations. Once we have 50 signatures (we are 1/2 way there in 2 hours) we will make copies and give to various authorities here and in Prachuap. If you would like to sign the petition please let me know. Also today, Mon. Nov. 27th, Jack has it and is passing it around. Please support your neighbors right to sanity and our property values. Thanks!

Re: Noisy kite at night!

Posted: 09 Nov 2020 08:30
by buksida
Noisy kite season has kicked in again - two of them visible from our place, not loud enough to keep you awake at night though.

Re: Noisy kite at night!

Posted: 10 Nov 2020 02:56
by cjsiam
Send some pictures..... :)

Find one of those Picture stock sites and put them up---heck, the guy might be
part of making your a few bucks!

I look forward to seeing them (during the day....)

Re: Noisy kite at night!

Posted: 10 Nov 2020 07:53
by buksida
They're both down today and they're too high to get a photo of unless you have an 800mm telephoto lens.

They seem to serve no practical purpose whatsoever aside from producing noise.