Low season coming to an end, how was it?

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Mike Parker
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Low season coming to an end, how was it?

Post by Mike Parker » 25 Sep 2017 14:24

Here in Chiang Mai people most people in business,the realistic,honest ones are saying the its been the worst low season for turnover they can remember.Is this reflected in Bangsphan ?

TAT figures are never to be believed and while we are moderately inundated here with ChineseJapanese amd Koreans they tend to go to wherever the guides gets a kick back.

Friend in Kho Phanagan has seen his beach side cafe"investment ' go down the gurgler I did warn him.

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Re: Low season coming to an end ,how was it ?

Post by buksida » 26 Sep 2017 08:32

BS is still in the midst of the lowest low season I have ever seen (since around 2002), most places including resorts are still empty with no sign of things changing as the traditional 'busy' period approaches in a month or so. I predict the high season this year will be like a normal low season, hotels don't even have bookings for xmas/new year - 4 years ago you could not get a room here for that period. Bars and restaurants have closed down and there are for sale signs on newly built bungalows (of which there are now too many).

The TAT figures are bullshit, they include domestic tourists and the foreigners are mostly Chinese which, as you know, don't spend anything here and pay for all of their trips in advance in China. Neither really come to BS, it is too far for the Bangkokians and there are no shops for the Chinese. Notice how TAT no longer includes revenue in its tourist numbers.

I'd attribute a number of factors to it for Bangsaphan (none of which will see improvement):

Major flooding earlier this year - it made international news
Higher prices/strong baht - weak European/UK/US currencies, it is not cheap here any more
Military dictatorship - harder to get travel insurance with no real government
Stupid laws/taxes - banning things like e-cigarettes, drink going up twice a year, too many restrictions for people on holiday
Royal events - mass closures, more clampdowns next month
Visa problems - hassling tourists that want to stay here a week or two longer

Sadly Thailand is no longer the appealing holiday destination it used to be for westerners, and the proof is in the plummeting number of visitors.

Mike Parker
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Re: Low season coming to an end, how was it?

Post by Mike Parker » 27 Sep 2017 19:49

Pretty depressing news then for those relying on local and international tourism.Confirms my belief that TAT talking up the numbers fools some but not those that have been here for a while. Nightlife in CM has been so depressed by rigid enforcements of closing times etc and that if you speak to youngish Europeans most say they wont be back,far too many other options.

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