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by blueday
23 Sep 2011 16:32
Forum: Beach Bar
Topic: Piss artists urinating on the bach
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Re: Piss artists urinating on the bach

It would seem that a lot of fat ladies are incapable of getting a Thai man and so go for the same sex
a Thai I Feel this subject is becoming disgusting.Time to close it.
by blueday
07 Jun 2011 16:06
Forum: Beach Bar
Topic: Dogs on the Beach
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Re: Dogs on the Beach

these are man's best friends.They are only dangerous to women.Carry a gun at all times and keep them at leg length.
by blueday
26 Nov 2010 08:54
Forum: Accommodation, Bars & Restaurants
Topic: Montri's Coco Bar: the end of an era?
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Re: Montri's Coco Bar: the end of an era?

I am thinking about visiting Bangsaphan but from the forum it seems that montris is the only place of interest.The Moderator likes it so is montri paying lots to advertise.Can anyone suggest other things to do other than drink beer.Its booring looking at Montris building site